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Minton is a fully featured premium admin template built on top of awesome Bootstrap 3.3.6, modern web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The theme includes beautiful dashboards including many ready to use hand crafted components. The components can be used very easy on any page. The theme is fully responsive and customizable.

We really care for our buyers and so in case if you have any question or feedback, please feel free to get back to us.

I have tried to follow the standards and modular structure while developing the theme. Following sections are explaining the theme File & Folder, structure, html file struture and plugins.

File & Folder Structure

Theme Directory
├── gulpfile.js
├── package.json
├── html files
├── less/
│   └── All LESS files
├── css/
│   └── All css files.
├── fonts/
├── pages/
│   └── All the pages related scripts
├── images/
│   └── All images
├── plugins/
│   └── The plugins files - which are not available through bower
├── vendor/
│   └── The third party plugins - these are available through bower
└── js/
    └── All common Javascripts files

HTML Structure


Less is a CSS pre-processor and it extends the CSS language, adding features that allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques that allow you to make CSS that is more maintainable, themable and extendable. Less runs inside Node, in the browser and inside Rhino.

All the css files are pre-compiled using less compiler and provided inside the assets/css/ folder. In case if you are not familiar with less or don't have any environment setup which can be used to compile the less files, then you can use these CSS files directly. But if you are familiar with less, then I'll suggest you to use the less files.

Files are explained below:

File Description
bootstrap.css Minton uses the bootstrap v3.3.6. The core bootstrap file is being used in all the pages.
elements.less This file is containing some of the utility functions or mixins for less. This file is from Joel Sutherland.
core.less/core.css This file is containing all common styles for all the pages.
pages.less/pages.css Pages contains the styles for all supported third-party JS/CSS plugins. It has overwritten version of styles.
components.less/components.css This is the one of the core and important file. It contains the styles for all the components, ui elements, and some other parts of the theme.
responsive.less/responsive.css This file is containing the styles related to responsiveness support.
icons.less/icons.css Combines various font icons. You should remove the fonts you don't plan to use from this file and recompile it.
menu_light.less Every version includes this less file. By default it's having a dark sidebar menu. If you would like to have a light sidebar(while background), please include this file in main less file and recompiled it.

Heads up! Please note that if you would like to compile the LessCSS files, you can use provided gulp configuration file. NOTE that the less structure is still required some more changes. So in case if you have any suggestion on this, please contact me. I'll appreciate your valuable suggestion and feedback.


Minton uses jQuery, Bootstrap JS framework(at its core) and some of the third-party plugins. There are may more third party plugin which you can use according to your needs. The css is already containing matching style for these plugins so you will not need to do anything around it.

Files are explained below:

File Description
jquery.js, bootstrap.js, jquery.nicescroll, jquery.slimscroll, etc. These files are used at core of the theme.
jquery.app.js This is a main js file. It contains the custom JS code needed for features including layout, sidebar, etc. Also it contains the definition of some of the key components (e.g. notifications, portlet, etc) and code (for self-initialization) related to some of the controls (e.g. modal, range-slider, switchery, multiselect, etc).
pages/*.js These are the files containing pages specific code. They are mainly used for demo purpose.
plugins/**.js All supported and integrated third-party plugins are included in here.
Why do we have separate folder for each color scheme?


I will ask you to check the demo again and request you to notice the colors used for each of the graphs. The colors which are used in most of the graphs, are matching with the primary and base theme color. In order to do so, I required to write different markup and js code for each of them.

The theme contains various utilies including some helper classes, widgets, etc. Please see below some helper classes.

Helper Classes:

Class Description
.p-0 Removes all padding space
.p-t-0 Remove top padding
.p-t-10 Adds 10px top padding
.p-b-0 Remove 0px bottom padding
.p-b-10 Adds 10px bottom padding
.m-0 Remove all margin
.m-r-5 Adds 5px right margin
.m-l-5 Adds 5px right margin
.m-r-10 Adds 10px right margin
.m-r-15 Adds 15px right margin
.m-l-10 Adds 10px left margin
.m-l-15 Adds 15px left margin
.m-t-0 Remove top margin
.m-t-10 Adds 10px top margin
.m-t-15 Adds 15px top margin
.m-t-20 Adds 20px top margin
.m-t-30 Adds 30px top margin
.m-t-40 Adds 40px top margin
.m-b-0 Remove bottom margin
.m-b-5 Adds 5px bottom margin
.m-b-10 Adds 10px bottom margin
.m-b-15 Adds 15px bottom margin
.m-b-20 Adds 20px bottom margin
.m-b-25 Adds 25px bottom margin
.m-b-30 Adds 30px bottom margin
.w-xs Minimum width 80px
.w-sm Minimum width 95px
.w-md Minimum width 110px
.w-lg Minimum width 140px
.b-0 Removes all borders

Once again thank you for your purchase. I'll be happy to answer the the questions you have related to the theme. In case if you have any suggestion or feature, request please feel free to contact me, I'll try to implement it and will release as part of future updates.

Stay Awesome!

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Version 1.4.0     1 March 2016

  • Added a new color scheme multicolor.
  • Added a new layout for multicolor color schemes with horizontal navigation

Version 1.3.0     18 Feb 2016

  • Added a new color scheme dark.
  • Added a new layout for dark color schemes with horizontal navigation

Version 1.2.0     14 Feb 2016

  • Added a new color scheme purple.
  • Added a new layout for all color schemes with horizontal navigation
  • Fixed sidebar for mobile devices, now it will not be displayed by default. Previously this was taking some space on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue in invoice pages, made it printer friendly Thanks.

Version 1.1.0     05 Feb 2016

  • Added a new layout with horizontal navigation

Version 1.0.0     12 Jan 2016

  • Initial released

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